Become a foster parent

We are the bridge to provide help to children in vulnerable situations.

What is a foster family?

Talking about a foster family and adoption can be confusing, but these are different scenarios.

Foster Home
These are temporary families or homes in which responsible adults take care of a child. The main mission for the foster care system is to reunify the child or children with their birth-family. However, adoption can be considered an option.
While a foster family is temporary, adoption is permanent. Foster care is usually the step before adoption. Each has its requirements and responsibilities.

How to be foster parents?

Building Bridges Foster Family Agency trains you to be a foster

Step one is to provide you all the necessary information for guidance on the process, expectations, rules, requirements, and goals.
PRIDE Training
Parenting Resources for Information, Development and Education (PRIDE) is a training designed to strengthen family quality.
CPR & first aid certification
All foster parents must be certified in CPR and First Aid to ensure a safe environment for children.
Fingerprint clearance
It is necessary to have a record of the applicant's fingerprints to register in the database of the corresponding agencies.
Submit documentation
In our agency we will provide you with all the information about the documentation that you must present as a requirement to be a foster family.
Home study & home inspection
A qualified representative will visit your home to do an inspection, make observations and determine changes to optimize your home.

Basic requirements

Available space in your home
Valid driver's license
Valid source of income
Reliable transportation


Lee lo que nuestros clientes tienen que decir
I want to thank Building Bridges for being a part of our family. We have been blessed to be part of such a supportive FFA. The staff goes beyond the call of duty, they are loving and compassionate to their commitment to the children are unprecedented. Thank you wonderful team for being so devoted to the children and for the therapeutic way of listening to us.

Nuria Manrique

My wife and I have been with Building Bridges for almost a year and since we started the process to get certified it has been an easy and very informative process. The training was excellent and detailed, Kathya made sure to take the time to answer any questions we had. I totally recommend this agency.

Jorge Nuñez

In 2017 we became the first family to become foster parents through Building Bridges. Working with them and their entire staff was a very enjoyable experience. Every time an issue arose, regardless of its severity, the Building Bridges staff responded in a timely and appropriate manner. When we decided to adopt one of our foster children, the Building Bridges staff walked alongside us in the adoption process, from preparation until completion.”

Christony Harahap

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